Unified Ticketing Transfer Protocol

At the latest music conference Colisium in SaintPetersburg, most of the russian ticket agencies and platforms agreed about the new form of collaboration – creating the technological standard for B2B data exchange.

Last years have been really dramatic for the russian economy, and the ticketing industry is not an exception. For many ticketing companies on the market it became more a question of survival, than even simple stagnation. But, no pain, no gain. The industry is moving forward, trying to be more effective and get around any obstacles on the way.

It’s not a secret that today a ticketing company must have a cutting edge platform to be successful. Moreover, ticketing platforms/services are mostly  IT companies. How to decrease the costs of maintenance and software development? Create the only one technological standard for the market.

Initiative group:

  • Andrey Yusin – FoggyLab LLC, proticketing.ru
  • Sergey Babich – Colisium
  • Egor Egerev – TicketsCloud
  • Alexandr Zobov – Parter.ru (Eventim group)
  • Alexey Kondratiev – Ponominalu.ru
  • Alexey Lebedev – kassir.ru
  • Alexandr Morozov – intickets
  • Yury Mikhailov – getticket

First meeting took place on 12th of May in RMA business school, Moscow.

Agenda and discussion points:

  • Access control systems data exchange, simplified data format
  • Definitions and terms for the key entities in different systems (event/place/configuration/seat)
  • Booking/payments flow between platforms

Stay tuned, join us [email protected]