Is Russian ticket market civilized?

A new wave of social network wrangle between Timati ( Russian rapper) , Dima Bilan and Bilan`s promoter Yana Rudkovskaya started off today.

She wrote on instagram post as a reply to Timati:

..and about your performance in Crocus, how many tickets were sold and how many given away. and unfortunately for you i`ve got all the information
tickets for your show on th 1.11 and Bilan`s one on 27.11 were sold by the same people.

There is no novelty in celebrities quarrelling on social networking sites for self-promotion, but this time Yana Rudkovskaya used Timaty`s ticket sale rates as a put-down.

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What`s the liability for disclosure of  commercial information to third parties?
Who`s the misterious ticket retail dealer for the events on 1st and 27th of November? Crocus City Hall?
Timati`s lawers will surely find out, because a violation of nondisclosure agreement can lead to direct losses for the singer.
A precedent of impleading for disclosure hasn`t yet been set in russian show business. One can most easyly get any insider information – special lease terms for promoters, proceeds and financial statement for an event.

Let us remind you that honesty and mutual respect is an integral part of any civilized market.

Therefore russian ticket market fails to be so.


Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with “Never Let You Go”, finishing second, and he won the contest in 2008 in Belgrade, with the song “Believe“.
Crocus City Hall – One of the Moscow venues.